Xolo: next generation accounting service built for Estonian LLCs

Machine learning technology with human expert oversight so you can finally put your company's accounting on autopilot.

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Why bring your
company to Xolo?

Xolo is the largest accounting service provider for micro and small businesses in all of Estonia! We provide accounting for 3000+ Estonian companies — more than any other service provider! But we're more than just a team of accountants and tax specialists. Xolo builds machine learning and AI enabled technology with human expert oversight, which results in precise accounting that's faster, easier and more affordable than traditional accountants.


Estonian OÜs (LLCs)






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What does Xolo stand for?

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Run your business, leave stress behind

We don't need to tell you that running a business is stressful. Taxes, accounting... and what's the difference between dividends and salary, again? Xolo eliminates all that stress by managing the beaureaucracy and reporting for you. That way you can focus on what's truly important: running your business.

Invoices Invoices Projects Customers Customer Amount Status Yoga Namasté €399,00 Paid Expenses Expenses Documents Description Amount Status Flight tickets €156,50 Approved Expense reimbursed! VAT successfully calculated!

Don't you love when things just fall into place witihout you having to do anything? With Xolo, accounting can finally be one of them.

Xolopreneurs love that they can take care of all their administrative to-dos from a single, streamlined dashboard. Generate invoices with VAT automatically calculated and send them to your client in a click. Receive payments, manage business expenses, submit tax reports, and keep an eye on your financial performance all in one place so all your business admin takes no more than a few minutes a day.

  • Monthly declarations
  • Annual report preparation and submission
  • Integrations with Estonian banks
  • Stripe and Paypal payment gateway integrations
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We never thought it
could be so easy to declare taxes, either!

Do you dread preparing and submitting all the reports required by the government? Why not deligate them to Xolo? No more stress over deliverables and due dates. We've got an army of accounting and tax professionals who have spent the last 7 years untangling even the most complex tax issues. So while you're welcome to try, your tax problems don't scare us.

Integrations for a borderless business

We've partnered with the most respected players in the industry to bring you the integrations you need to run a business that's truly borderless.

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Pick your perfect plan

Lite €9/mo +VAT
  • Invoicing solution
  • Annual report preparation and submission
  • Integrations with Estonian banks
  • Up to 10 bank transactions per month
  • No employees
  • No fixed assets
Basic €59/mo +VAT
  • Invoicing solution
  • Annual report preparation and submission
  • Integrations with Estonian banks
  • Up to 20 bank transactions per month
  • 1 employee
  • Max 5 fixed assets with amortization and depreciation
  • Monthly VAT, Income and Social Tax declarations
Standard €99/mo +VAT
  • Invoicing solution
  • Annual report preparation and submission
  • Integrations with Estonian banks
  • Up to 50 bank transactions per month
  • Up to 5 employees
  • Max 10 fixed assets with amortization and depreciation
  • Monthly VAT, Income and Social Tax declarations
Pro €159/mo +VAT
  • Invoicing solution
  • Annual report preparation and submission
  • Integrations with Estonian banks
  • Up to 200 bank transactions per month
  • Up to 10 employees
  • Unlimited fixed assets
  • Monthly VAT, Income and Social Tax declarations

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Drop us a line at support@xolo.io and we’ll work with you to customize a plan for your specific needs.

If you exceed the limitations of your current plan during subscription, we will contact you directly to discuss your options.

Compare plans
Lite €9/mo +VAT
Basic €59/mo +VAT
Standard €99/mo +VAT
Pro €159/mo +VAT
Access to selfservice
Invoicing solution
Annual report preparation and submission
Integrations with Estonian banks
Online support via e-mail (2 WD response time)
Bank transactions per month
Investment environments
Support investments in start-ups (less than 20% of the stake)
VAT number
VAT, Income and Social Tax declarations
Fixed assets with amortization and depreciation (incl. real estate)
Mandatory reports to Statistics Estonia
OSS declarations
Subsidiaries allowed
Support via phone and video call

Getting started is
as easy as 1-2-3

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Pick your perfect plan

To get started, choose the Xolo plan that's the best fit for your needs. We'll ask you a few questions about you and your business to help make sure you find the perfect fit.

Let us take care of your accounting

Already have a service provider? Not a problem! Transfer the account to us and we'll handle the rest as a part of the onboarding process.

Focus on growing your business and leave the back-office to us.

Log into your Xolo account to start invoicing, managing expenses, and receiving payments from your self-service platform. The combination of our smart technology and professional knowhow will help make your accounting and reporting responsibilities easier than ever. Need advice? We're here to help.

Got questions? We have answers!

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions,
so you don't have to wait to find answers.

Xolo Estonia offers all the elements to run a company with ease.

Xolo self-service enables you to:

  • Issue and send invoices
  • Report expenses
  • Tracking out-of-pocket (OOP) balance
  • Register business trips
  • Monitor your company’s transactions

We'll keep an eye on your accounting, and take care of the taxes and annual reports on the background. You’ll also have a dedicated point of contact in Xolo, so we’re always just an email away if you have any questions.

As the owner of your business, you’ll need to let us know about your company related bank accounts and payment gateways. At least once a month you’ll create sales invoices and upload expense documents so we can keep your accounting above board. It’s all easily done in your Xolo Estonia dashboard.

Xolo is a perfect fit for micro (one person) and small companies that provide professional or digital services.

Xolo reviews each company case by case. But in general, we can’t provide services for businesses that sell physical goods or offer financial services (crypto, crowdfunding etc.).

With Xolo you can use the following payment gateways -

  • PayPal (for receiving and sending payments)
  • Stripe (for receiving payments)

As you're the official representative of your company, only you can apply for a payment gateway account when needed. And if you start using payments through either PayPal or Stripe, please let us know beforehand, as we'll need access to your transaction data for accounting purposes.


You can use PayPal for invoicing and collecting payments from customers and making payments to suppliers from your business bank account.

Support for PayPal enables us to synchronize your latest PayPal transaction data and display it in your Xolo self service. Xolo displays your current PayPal account balance under 'Banking'.


Xolo fully supports your use of Stripe to collect payments from your customers for selling both professional services and digital products, and API integration with their service means that up-to-date transaction data is always available in your Xolo self-service under your 'Banking' section.

Setting up an account

Before creating an account, please be aware that payment gateways are altering and strengthening their KYC requirements constantly, and it's challenging to open a payment gateway account as a micro-business without a past track record.

When you've initiated the application process and are asked to submit data/documents about your company, please inform us and we'll assist whenever possible. However, keep in mind that while Xolo supports your use of the services listed above, they are still independent third-parties that reserve the right to choose their customers and Xolo can't influence their internal onboarding processes.

Xolo executes the following activities on behalf of your Estonian company:

  • Annual reporting
  • Monthly salary taxes reporting (TSD) excl. Xolo Lite
  • Applying for and registering your VAT number excl. Xolo Lite
  • Monthly VAT reporting excl. Xolo Lite
  • Quarterly OSS reporting excl. Xolo Lite and Basic
  • Registration and managing the company workers (including the owner of the company) in the official Employment Registry (TÖR) excl. Xolo Lite
  • Submission of reports to Statistics Estonia excl. Xolo Lite and Basic
  • Notifications of tax or other relevant law changes with instructions, if necessary

Technically, you can invest but your options are limited. When using Xolo Estonia, your Estonian company is allowed to make the following investments:

  • Buy-sell shares in publicly traded companies and funds
  • Buy-sell cryptocurrencies for investment purposes
  • Invest in start-ups or other private companies registered in the EU or in the UK (either a convertible loan or equity), receiving a minority stake and no controlling rights (less than 20%)
  • Lending via internationally recognized crowd-funding platforms
  • Lending to start-ups or other private companies registered in the EU or in the UK based on a loan agreement (incl. parties details, loan amount, market interest rate, payment deadline)
  • Buying real-estate and land in Estonia

This means the following investments are not allowed (not an exhaustive list):

  • Buying physical gold/silver
  • Buying a controlling/majority share in another company
  • Lending to a friend or any other individual directly
  • Lending to yourself (as a shareholder / board member of the company)

For investing and lending platforms a BUSINESS ACCOUNT is required to open for your company.

Advice regarding investment opportunities is beyond our competence. But there are other professional service providers you can turn to.

For accounting purposes, you would need to provide us a balance report or statement with the total value of the investments on a yearly basis.

You, as the sole board member, hold ultimate responsibility for the overall legal compliance of your company. It is of the utmost importance that there is trust between you, as our customer, and us, as your service provider.

We ensure that our accounting and compliance are executed correctly by implementing best practices and procedures. We stay up-to-date with laws and regulations, and have regular contact with authorities to make sure Xolo accounting practices are compliant.

If at any point, you make any one-off errors, the Estonian authorities will normally allow you to correct the mistakes and you won’t be fined. If, however, you try to hide taxes, or avoid correct legal processes, you will be held responsible and punished accordingly.

Yes, we do. Once you're a paying customer and logged in, you'll be able to see your company data through an interface which we call self-service. In self-service you're able to create and send invoices straight to your customers, and also upload expense documents. You'll have an overview of all your company's transactions (incoming and outgoing), and live bank balances.

You'll also have an overview of all your company documents, and you can also register your business trips.

From time to time our Xolo Estonia users require additional services to help them run their businesses more effectively. We at Xolo are more than happy to assist with these services for a reasonable fee.

  • Registry card with general and personal data 19 €
  • Ultimate beneficial owners list 19 €
  • Registry card with full history 19 €
  • Certificate of residence and tax liability 29 €
  • Certificate of registration as person liable to value added tax 29 €
  • Certificate of absence of tax arrears 29 €
  • EORI number registration (for customs operations only) 29 €
  • Certificate for income tax paid on distributed dividends 49 €
  • Tax arrears installment application submission 49 €
  • Company name change 49 € + state fee (25 €)
  • Adding an additional board member 49 € + state fee (25 €)
  • Share capital registration 49 € + state fee (25 €)
  • Share capital changes 49 € + state fee (25 €)
  • Adding notary certificate 19 €
  • Adding an apostille 49 €
  • Formation of a voluntary equity reserve 99 €
  • Sworn translation for Articles of Association 149 €
  • Assistance in the audit of the company's annual reports 40 € /hour

*A postal fee will be added if original documents are required

20% VAT will be added to all prices quoted above.

To order any of these services, please contact us at support@xolo.io