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It's free to get Xolo Go - the easiest way to freelance without borders. And you'll save up to 15 hours a month by letting us take care of your business admin.

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Everything you need to get going

Start freelancing today with Xolo Go:​​​​​​​

  • Create projects with quote approval and invoicing
  • Get paid into a dedicated business account where you can store income
  • And pay out to your personal account whenever you need

All without needing to start your own company!

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Only pay for Xolo when you get paid

There's no fixed fee or hidden costs for Xolo Go. You'll only pay 5% from your outgoing payments to your personal account, or for business expenses. So if it takes time to find customers, there won't be any costs to worry about.

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What can you do?

With Xolo Go, you can offer professional services to business clients (B2B) in the EU (with valid VAT registration), Switzerland, Norway, USA or Canada. Read more about professional services in our FAQS.

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Total business freedom

  • Sign up online in 10 minutes
  • Work from anywhere in the world with wifi
  • Never lose sight of your business
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What you get with Go

Create projects

Organise your work, get approval from clients, and send invoices. All as one process. See how it works in our video guide.

Virtual EU company

You can start doing business today, with millions of potential customers.

Automated accounting

Monthly taxes and annual reports done for you - we'll only notify you if there's anything to pay.

Dedicated business account

Store your business income within your Xolo Go account, and pay out to your personal account for a 5% fee.

Why wait? Start working, start earning, get going

from €0 / month
just 5% of all outgoing payments.

Frequently asked questions, answered

  • You provide professional services and intend to invoice business customers (B2B) in the EU (with valid VAT registration), Switzerland, Norway, USA or Canada. Normally B2B customers do have a valid VAT registration.
  • To withdraw money for personal use, you have a personal SEPA bank account. if you do not have one yet, you can apply for one from Transferwise.
  • Are at least 18 years of age

When you create a Xolo Go account, you won't own a registered company, but we'll provide you with everything you need to run a business providing professional services

Our Xolo Go "virtual company" service enables you to provide professional services to business (B2B) customers in the EU (with valid VAT registration), Switzerland, Norway, USA and Canada with standard agreements, and a business account with VAT enabled invoicing & payments. You can withdraw the money from your Xolo Go business account to your personal business account. All provided by Xolo Go.

Closing your business with Xolo Go takes just a few clicks and can be done anytime. If you want to run your own company, Xolo Leap might be the right solution for you.