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Can I invest in, or trade in, cryptocurrencies?

Última actualización: September 22, 2022

According to Estonian law, you're allowed to invest the spare funds of your company (earned from the core business, not received as a loan or similar!) into cryptocurrencies.

The process is as follows:

  • You find a suitable marketplace to invest in cryptocurrencies and open a business account for your company. Please note that not all marketplaces have an option for a business account!

  • You transfer X euros to the marketplace and start trading/investing.

  • For accounting and reporting purposes you are annually expected to forward us a balance report or statement with the total value of your investments as of the end of the financial year. It means that you must be able to get the requested balance report from the marketplace where your investments are kept. The report should show the amount of each cryptocurrency held and their value in EUR as of the end date of the financial year.

  • We don't record each trading transaction which occurs on the marketplace individually. Instead, based on the balance report the value of your holdings is updated and the resulting profit/loss from the investments are reflected in your annual report.

From the taxation perspective, the gains/losses from such investment activities are treated in the same way as gains/losses earned from your core business activities. If you don't take any money out from your company, there's no obligation to pay corporate income tax in Estonia. You can keep the earned money on your company's account indefinitely and it won't be subject to income tax. You only need to start paying relevant tax when you start taking money out from the company, meaning paying yourself a salary, taking out dividends, etc.

In summary, you can invest your company's profit in cryptocurrencies. However, please let us know once you have opened a business account with any of the marketplaces and plan to start trading. Before investing, you might also want to make sure your bank supports payments related to purchasing cryptocurrencies.

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