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My Xolo account is blocked. What should I do?

Última actualización: November 24, 2023

If your Xolo account has been suspended is because we haven't received a payment from you for at least one invoice. To see your outstanding invoice(s), please log in to Xolo’s platform and click on your name on the left side of the Dashboard footer >  ‘Xolo Hub’ > ‘My Businesses’ > ‘Payment methods’.

As a result of this lapse in payments, access to Xolo’s platform as well as our expert advice and tax report services have been suspended. Upon termination of our service, it is your responsibility to meet your obligations as a freelancer in Spain, Xolo will not be held liable. 

We can reactivate your account once we receive your payment. Please make the outstanding payment of the debt amount using one of the following methods:

  1. Please let us know when you have made sure that your card details are correct and up to date and you have enough money in your account. To update your card details:
    • Click on your name on the left side of the platform's footer.
    • Select 'Xolo Hub.'
    • Click on 'My businesses’ > Payment Methods' 
    • Add the new card details in the default area and click on 'Update Payment Method'

  1. Pay via credit/debit card. You can make the payment here: https://app.xolo.io/payment. You’ll need to add the total amount including VAT.

  1. A regular bank transfer directly to Xolo's bank account (in euros only):
    • Beneficiary's name: Xolo Business Spain SL
    • Beneficiary's account number: IBAN: ES2321001008430200495059
    • Amount: (the total amount including VAT)
    • Payment description: Invoice number(s) and customer name

As soon as you do it, send us an email to ayuda@xolo.io and once the payment has been processed we will immediately unfreeze your account.

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