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Can an issued invoice be edited or deleted?

Última actualización: March 26, 2024

Once the invoice has been issued and delivered to the client, we must not make changes to it. We must create a Credit note that cancels the incorrect one and issues a new one and submit both to the client.

Remember that you can issue credit notes when you need to make a modification to the original invoice that contains an error in the following data:

  1. Name or company name

  2. NIF/ VAT ID/Identifier

  3. Tax residence

  4. Tax rate

  5. Tax quota calculation

  6. tax base

  7. Absence of some of the above data

Credit notes do not necessarily have a negative amount; Perhaps most of them will be of this type because they will be due to the return of a product or the cancellation of a service and they will be the ones that we must expressly inform in form 303.

It is very IMPORTANT to bear in mind that negative invoices are in the crosshairs of the Tax Agency, so we should avoid them at all costs (through draft invoices, for example).

❌ Under no circumstances we can delete an invoice as there would be a jump in the numbering. If it is a service that is not finally provided but we have already issued the invoice, we must make a correction. If you are not sure if the service is going to be provided or not, you can issue a draft invoice and thus avoid the issuance of a credit note.

It is important to remember that the date of issuance of the invoice is the one that is taken into account for the purposes of declaring before the Treasury and not the date of collection.

Finally, it is important to take into account that you can only invoice according to the IAE heading registered with the Tax Agency. If due to circumstances it is decided to carry out another activity, it is important to first register said activity and then invoice.

How can I make a credit note?

Your would need to make a request so our Accounting Team can check it and approve or deny it. To make this request you must access to your platform: Income >> select the invoice you need to rectify >> and click "More actions" drop-down that appears at the top right and select "Request change".


Once this option has been selected, the type of changes that can be requested will appear on the right side, as well as a section where the reason for your request can be explained in detail.


Once the request has been sent, our Accounting Team will notify you as soon as possible if the credit note has been issued.

How will I know if my change request has been accepted or denied?

In both cases, you will receive an email with the response from your Accountant. If it has been rejected, the reason for this decision will be explained to you. And if it has been accepted, it will also be confirmed by email and the credit note will be created and ready on the platform so that you can check and send it to your client.

How to differentiate the credit note from the normal invoice?

In your platform, in the Income Tab, the distinction between a normal invoice and a credit note will be seen as follows:


The credit note is indicated by its name and own numbering and will always have an explanatory text that indicates which original invoice it corresponds to:


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