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What is a reimbursable expense?

Última actualización: November 25, 2023

A reimbursable expense is always under the name of the freelancer and is included in the accounting as both an expense and an income so that the result is 0.

Example: A flight to provide a service to your customer. The flight is purchased (€50 + VAT) and the expense is recorded on the books when issuing the invoice to the client and the taxes are included (VAT and personal income tax, if applicable).

How should it be recorded in the books? 

  1. If the purchase invoice is under your client’s name

    1. Include the necessary rows as expenses covered

    2. Don't upload the purchase invoice because it isn't under your name

  2. If the purchase invoice is under your name

    1. You need to include them in your invoice issued but the category has to be "Professional service"

    2. You have to upload the expenses in your accounting


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