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Modelo 100 - Annual Income Tax Return or Personal Income Tax Return

Última actualización: February 08, 2024
  • What is it for?

This is the summary of ALL your activities as an individual, both as a self-employed person and as an employee. This form takes into account your particular situation, whether you have dependent children or parents, deduction benefits and all your income, including grants that have nothing to do with your activity as a freelancer.

  • Who has to submit this form?

All freelancers in Spain* (even if you earn €0) you’re obliged to submit this form. 

*Please note that this is not included in your Xolo subscription.

  • When must it be submitted?

At the beginning of the year, Hacienda sets the filing deadline and it is usually at the beginning of April until the end of June. 

  • When do I have to pay and when don't I?

It can be paid, zero or refunded. And if as a freelancer in Spain, due to your activity alone, you have had more expenses than income, you will be compensated a percentage each year until these expenses are neutralized.

  • How is it calculated?

Although most of your income will come from your activity as a freelancer (i.e. "economic activity income"), you must declare all your income.

There are different types of income you may have received:

  • Income from work: You have worked as an employee and you have been given consideration or benefits, in cash or in kind, that come directly or indirectly from the personal work or employment relationship of the declarant. For example: salaries, allowances or unemployment benefits.

  • Income from movable capital: You own assets, goods or rights, in cash or in kind. For example, interest from bank accounts or dividends from shares.

  • Income from real estate capital not used for economic activity (except for the main residence). For example, rental properties.

  • Capital gains or losses. For example, those obtained from the sale of a home, shares or cryptocurrencies.

  • And income from economic activities, which are those derived from your activity as a freelancer.

On top of all this, there are expenses which can be deducted because of your economic activity, such as social security and expenses specific to your business activity; and then deductions or reductions specific to your particular personal situation.

The income is then added up, the expenses are subtracted, and on the result a % will be applied if the base is general and another if it is on savings and it is added up. On this, a percentage will go to the state and another to the autonomous community you live in.

In those Modelo 130 that we have presented quarterly, you have already paid part of what you have to pay in income tax, so in this form we report it and it is deducted from the total to be paid. If you have paid more than you were entitled to due to your particular circumstances, you will be refunded, if on the other hand you have fallen short because you have exceeded the 20% bracket, you will have to pay.

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