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What happens if you do not pay the freelancer fee?

Última actualización: July 16, 2024

Social Security is always punctual in its collections. On the last day of each month, the fee will be charged to the account you have indicated. If you do not have a sufficient balance at that time, you will automatically owe that month's contribution.

What to do if you have not been able to pay your FEE?

Normally you will receive a notice informing you of this. If you don't receive it, you can check your outstanding debts through this link.

Here you may review all your debts and obtain the document necessary for settling them.

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This debt document is not immediate. It will take a few days to appear. Be sure to check the website in the following days of non-payment and, when it appears, you will be able to pay your outstanding installment through various available methods.

What will happen with the unpaid FEE?

Each unpaid fee includes a penalty.

In case you are enjoying the old flat rate or the current reduced rate, you will have to pay your outstanding installment without that reduction. In other words: you will pay the full amount for that month together with a surcharge and interest for the delay. This interest will increase as the days go by without paying off your debt.

Is this fee deductible?

From the payment of your outstanding quotas, you will only be able to add as a deductible expense the part that corresponds to the fee itself. The interests for the delay and the surcharge are not deductible concepts.

In order for Xolo to include the correct amount, we need you to add proof from the bank that you have paid the fee, and the document that includes the breakdown of the amounts.

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