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Hire, onboard and pay remote freelance talent in 186 countries. Less admin and risk for you, easier payments and multiple currencies for them. Everybody wins!

Effortless onboarding

Whether you’re bringing in art, copy or code, you can onboard your freelance creative dream team in less than 10 minutes and get to work faster than ever

Agency for your agency

Rather than partnering with multiple individuals, you'll interface exclusively with Xolo, which minimizes all the risk and paperwork that makes cross-border collaboration so tricky

Contractor identity verification

We'll make sure your contractors are who they say they are and aren't on any sanctions lists to ensure your company doesn't run the risk of misclassification — or any other expensive surprises

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Create healthy boundaries between your freelancers and your full-timers

Scaling your agency means bigger goals — and more admin for you and your team. Xolo’s freelancer management platform was created for agencies like yours that are growing quickly and need to partner with global freelance talent to meet ambitious goals. Getting your independent contractors administered and paid efficiently from a single platform will help you save time while reducing risk of misclassification (and all the expensive consequences that come with it).

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A buffer for your borderless business

Lawyers. Marriage counselors. Cream filling. Things tend to go more smoothly when there's a buffer in-between. And when it comes to working with cross-border contractors, Xolo Teams can be your go-to go-between. You and your freelancers each sign an agreement with Xolo's subsidiary, which enables you to access the best freelance talent the world has to offer while minimizing your risk and administrative workload.

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Pay everyone from a single invoice

No more struggling to remember your freelancers' bank account numbers, or chasing down invoices, or stressing over which payment method to use. You pay Xolo and we'll distribute the money to your team of freelancers — either individually or through a single bulk invoice. Everyone gets paid the right amount, at the right time.

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Cover your a**, protect your assets

Since fraud does happen, we dig around for any red flags on the AML and KYC side with AI-powered identity verification. That way we can make sure your freelancers are who they say they are while making sure they aren't on any sanctions lists. That way, your agency doesn't run the risk of misclassification while avoiding expensive consequences. Once your freelancers have been thoroughly vetted, use our Project Agreement template as a starting point and introduce NDAs and IPs from our template library whenever they're needed.

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Wondering how we're so confident that we can make it faster, easier, and less risky for you to work with cross-border contractors? We know workforce governance is complex and full transparency is key. Download our e-book and we'll show you exactly how it's done.