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What expenses can be reimbursed?

Última actualización: October 27, 2023

With Xolo Go you can reimburse business expenses directly related to the services you offer to your customers:

  • Fees of subcontractors

    • Software development

    • Design services

    • Translation services

    • Marketing services and content creation services

    • Market research services

  • Professional and support services

    • Hosting services

    • Domains

    • Advertising services

    • Business related subscriptions

  • Hardware and software

    • Business related software

    • Laptop, tablet

    • Monitor

    • Keyboard and mouse

    • Smartphone

    • Microphone, earphones

  • Communication costs (not mobile phone bills)

    • Skype calls

    • Video conferencing expenses

    • Business communication platform expenses

  • Business trips (only transportation and accommodation costs allowed)

    • Business trip related flight expenses

    • Business trip related bus, train and taxi expenses

    • Business trip related accommodation

    • Business trip related travel insurance

  • Participation in business-related events

    • Conferences, seminars

    • Business cards

  • Business-related professional training

    • Professional training (courses, seminars)

    • Professional certifications

    • Professional literature (books, magazines, e-content)

    • Access to professional databases

  • Office costs and supplies (restrictions apply)

    • Co-working space rental up to 6 months

    • Pens, paper, calendar and organisers

Note that with Go, you can only reimburse yourself for business expenses that have been provided to you by a legal entity and you are not able to submit expense documents that have been issued by a private individual.

Please also note that you can only reimburse expenses which are not older than 2 months and expenses made prior to Xolo Go activation are not acceptable.

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