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Get started with the Xolo Go business bank account

Última actualización: April 27, 2024

Xolo Go business account (IBAN)

Xolo provides you with a business bank account for business transactions (IBAN). The IBAN is provided with your Xolo Go account when you submit your first project offer or invoice to the customer. You will find the IBAN in self-service under the 'Banking' section.

Receiving payments from customers

Your customers will pay for services provided to the Xolo Go business account. The business bank account details will be available when you issue and send your first invoice to the customer.

The IBAN number of the business account is added to the invoice automatically. Xolo accepts funds to Xolo Go business account based on invoices issued via Xolo Go.

Outbound payments

Once your customer has paid for your invoice and the payment has arrived on our platform, we will pay out the net amount directly to your personal bank account. The transfers will be reviewed and executed by Xolo.

Receiving payments to your personal bank account

In order to receive payments, you must have a personal bank account. Xolo Go is currently open for users who have a personal bank account in the European SEPA area or have opened an account with Payoneer.

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