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Digital Certificate

Última actualización: July 06, 2024

The digital certificate (also known as electronic signature) is your VIP pass in the public administration. It is a document that allows you to do all your procedures (or almost all) electronically.

⚠️ At Xolo we recommend obtaining the digital certificate before registering as a freelancer to facilitate all the bureaucratic paperwork.

How to request the digital certificate

Whether you already possess a DNI (National Identity Document) or not, select one of the options below, and we'll handle the rest. Upon clicking the button, you'll be directed to the Royal Mint and Stamp website with instructions tailored to your choice.

I have electronic DNI

I don't have electronic DNI

Why do I need the digital certificate

These are the procedures you can carry out using the digital certificate:

  • Consultation and completion of procedures for requesting aid and subsidies
  • Tax presentation and settlement
  • Presentation of resources and claims
  • Consultation and registration in the municipal registry
  • Traffic ticket consultation
  • Electoral college allocation consultation
  • Communicated actions
  • Electronic signature of official documents and forms

⚠️ We will never ask you for your digital certificate to carry out any procedure. Remember that it is a document for personal use and you should not share it with anyone.

Additional materials

How to request your digital certificate

Still have a question? Don't hesitate to contact us at ayuda@xolo.io

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