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How do I complete the additional data step?

Última actualización: March 21, 2024

📑 First you will have to fill in some fields where we ask you for information related to your self-employed activity. In case you are a new freelancer it will help us to process your registration with the Social Security. Here are some tips so you don't get stuck in any of these fields:

  • Marital status

You will simply need to indicate if you are single, married, divorced...

  • Social Security Number

You can find it on any pay slip or work contract you have ever had, on your health card, on your employment record or by calling your health center directly. You can also prove and verify your Social Security number on the official website.

  • Bank account number

We need the IBAN of your bank account (it has to be Spanish) where you want your monthly Social Security contribution to be charged.

If you've opened your bank account with your passport instead of your DNI or NIE, please remember that you'll need to update this information with your bank. This ensures you can make your tax payments to Hacienda seamlessly.

*If you choose an N26 bank, this will only be valid for your Social Security payments and we will need another bank account for your tax fillings in Hacienda.

  • If you will be working with clients in the European Union

If you are going to have clients outside Spain, specifically from an EU country, you will have to tick the corresponding box.

In this way we will register you in the Register of Intra-Community Operators (ROI) so that you can obtain an intra-community VAT number in order to be able to invoice your clients in the European Union even though you are resident in Spain.

  • Type of taxation (only for new freelancers)

You will have to choose your taxation if you did not choose it before. During the first two years of your activity, you can apply a 7% IRPF withholding tax on your sales invoices to companies or other freelancers in Spain. From the third year onwards, you will be taxed at 15%.

Please note that if during your first two years you have issued any invoices with 15% IRPF, you will not be able to change to 7%.

  • Schedule your autónomo registration (only for new freelancers)

If you are ready to start with Xolo but want to register as an autónomo at a later date, you can tick this box and specify the day you would like us to register you as an autónomo.

If the date you are interested in is not available on the calendar, you can select another available date and add a comment in notes. We will make sure that you are registered on the day that suits you best.

✍️ Once you have filled in these details, you will need to sign the SEPA mandate. This serves to authorize the Social Security to collect your autónomo fee by direct debit, i.e. automatically to the account indicated in Xolo above.

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