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Modelo 180 - Annual personal income tax withholdings and payments on account

Última actualización: February 08, 2024
  • What is it for?

Modelo 180 is the annual summary of the forms 115 that we have filed on a quarterly basis. It is used to inform Hacienda of the total amount of withholdings applied to rent expenses. 

  • Who has to submit this form?

Anyone who has had to file Modelo 115 quarterly during the year.

  • When must it be submitted?

It is submitted once a year and it is in January, at the same time as the Q4 forms.

  • When do I have to pay and when don't I?

It is only an informative form that is neither payable nor refundable, but the details (DNI/NIE, surname and name) and the location of the office and the provider of the rental service who invoiced you with withholding tax are made known.

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