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we're Xolo

We're here to change the way the world works.

Secondo diversi rapporti sul tema, un terzo della forza lavoro globale opera in qualche modo come freelance. Stime prudenti attestano il numero di liberi professionisti in tutto il mondo a 40 milioni. E quel numero sta crescendo, rapidamente.

That's the good news. The bad news is that so many government systems haven't been updated to support the way the world does business in 2022. Despite efforts to modernize, they're still weighed down by out-of-touch regulations, antiquated infrastructure and layer after layer of needless bureaucracy.

Il nostro obiettivo è eliminare le incombenze amministrazione dalla routine delle attività imprenditoriali autonome. Abbiamo trascorso gli ultimi sei anni a creare una piattaforma che semplificasse la vita di tutti gli imprenditori autonomi. E siamo solo all'inizio...







Our values

More than just fancy words. In a company that aims to be as diverse as the userbase it serves, these three shared qualities are what bind us together. They also happen to be the key ingredients in the special sauce* we pour generously into everything we do.

*A metaphorical sauce, not a literal one (though stranger pivots have happened)

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We are

No matter who you are or where you're from, if you're open-minded and willing to work hard, then you are one of us.

#1 reason to work @Xolo?

"The people."

Positive Vibes


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"I am a solopreneur and with Xolo I feel like I am building a better world for myself."

We are Mavericks

Yup, like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. In this context it means we don't believe in stupid rules. We do believe in hiring the right people for the job, then giving them the space to do it.

Fiercely independent


We run like clockwork

We put immense pride and energy into building products that run like an expensive Swiss watch. But the machine metaphors end there because we're a proudly human company.

(Mental) health and wellness program


Flexible work hours

Came for the

My old company was about to go under

Stayed for the

People. There hasn't been a dull day since I started.

Meet the team

Tails from the #fluffystuff channel

They may not be the most productive employees on the team, but they're definitely the cutest!

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the hiring process and beyond 🚀

We don't believe in hoving over your shoulder, micromanaging your every move or making you log every activity. What we do believe in is hiring smart people and giving them the space to do what they do best (aka what we hired you to do).

So while you will, of course, be given tasks to complete, you'll always be told why it needs to be done. How it gets done is entirely up to you.

We're looking for smart, creative, open-minded people.

Oh, hey, you're still here? I guess we'll probably take a look at your experience. And we'll check how your skills match up with the role. But we're not looking for a perfect fit so much as we're looking for the right fit. So if you're on the fence about this, go ahead and apply. Might be the best decision you make all year.

Some other nice-to-haves

  • Want to grow right along with us
  • We have a soft spot for entrepreneurial experience (obviously)
  • Some kind of sense of humor is always nice (not slapstick)
  • Located somewhere on Planet Earth, preferable

It all depends on the role but usually 3-4 rounds (including homework).

If you decide to relocate for the role we will support you in every possible way (financially, administratively, emotionally).

Sure. We're a company full of extroverts, introverts and "it-depends-on-the-weather" extroverted-introverts. Some of our people are remote because of location, others by choice. All we know is the office gets much busier when there's free food involved.

The majority of work is completed anywhere between 8:45 and 18:00 in whatever time zone you happen to be working from. Working hours are flexible here at Xolo, so if you need to get to a dentist appointment or pick up your kid, we're cool with that.

Let's keep in touch

We're growing quickly and looking for all kinds of people.
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Xolo is an equal opportunity employer that makes employment decisions based solely on whoever's the best fit for the job. Xolo policy prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and/or age. We believe that freelancing is for everyone — and so is working at Xolo.