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Which payment gateways can I use with Xolo?

Ultimo aggiornamento: September 22, 2022

With Xolo you can use the following payment gateways -

  • PayPal (for receiving and sending payments)

  • Stripe (for receiving payments)

As you're the official representative of your company, only you can apply for a payment gateway account when needed. And if you start using payments through either PayPal or Stripe, please let us know beforehand, as we'll need access to your transaction data for accounting purposes.


You can use PayPal for invoicing and collecting payments from customers and making payments to suppliers from your business bank account.

Support for PayPal enables us to synchronize your latest PayPal transaction data and display it in your Xolo self service. Xolo displays your current PayPal account balance under 'Banking'.


Xolo fully supports your use of Stripe to collect payments from your customers for selling both professional services and digital products, and API integration with their service means that up-to-date transaction data is always available in your Xolo self-service under your 'Banking' section.

Setting up an account

Before creating an account, please be aware that payment gateways are altering and strengthening their KYC requirements constantly, and it's challenging to open a payment gateway account as a micro-business without a past track record.

When you've initiated the application process and are asked to submit data/documents about your company, please inform us and we'll assist whenever possible. However, keep in mind that while Xolo supports your use of the services listed above, they are still independent third-parties that reserve the right to choose their customers and Xolo can't influence their internal onboarding processes.

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