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What details should be on an expense document?

Ultimo aggiornamento: December 08, 2022

A proper and accepted expense document must come from the vendor (for example: Google, Amazon, etc.), and not from the payment processor or banking provider.

If you don't have a purchase invoice, or it was not provided by the vendor, it can be replaced with email order confirmations. These substitutions will be valid only if they include the necessary details for an expense document. The expense document does not necessarily have to be titled 'Invoice' — it is the content that matters.

To sum up, a proper expense document should include, at minimum:

  • Invoice number

  • Invoice date (the date of the purchase)

  • Date of the operation if it appears on the document and is different from the date of purchase

  • Name of the buyer (your name!)

  • Vendor details (name, NIF/CIF)

  • Purchase description (the content of the product/service bought)

  • Currency

  • Taxable base of VAT

  • VAT rate and amount (if applicable)

  • Total amount

The expense document that you're uploading does not have to be in either Spanish or in English. But if it’s in another language and the details of the purchase need to be specified, we ask that you please provide a short explanation in the description field when you upload the expense.

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