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Xolo Italia S.r.l., a single shareholder company with registered office in 20144 - Milan (MI), at Via Tortona no. 33, VAT number and Tax ID: 12134920961, PEC (certified email): xoloitaliasrl@pec.it (hereinafter, the Company), offers its services through the website: www.xolo.io/it-en (hereinafter, the Platform), owned by the foreign company Xolo OÜ, with headquarters at Paju 1a, 50603 - Tartu, Estonia, Reg. no. 12844111, VAT ID: EE101793070, under the following Terms and Conditions:

Art. 1) Purposes and Payments

The Platform provides commercial enterprises and, more generally, small- and medium-size businesses with the tool to make use of corporate and administrative accounting data processing services, in compliance with current legislation.

Transactions relating to the aforementioned services will be carried out with the aid of the Internet payment processing system called “Stripe”, by the automatic charge on credit card.

The transaction can be refused, blocked or withheld following a breach of contractual rules, as well as suspected fraud similar activities.

Payment information relating to credit card numbers and/or card expiration date and/or other sensitive data, etc. entered on the Platform can be used as a default payment method for future transactions.

Changes can be made to the default payment method on the dedicated section.

The Customer undertakes to comply with all laws, regulations, rules, Terms and Conditions in force in relation to the use of the Platform and payment services, which is not liable for any additional charges.

Art. 2) How to use the Platform

The services selected will be provided following the completion of the registration of the account on the Platform, the use of which entails for customers the burden of acting in good faith as well as in full autonomy and independence, with the specific prohibition of:

  • violating the law, the rights of others or the rules of the Platform;
  • manipulating any data and information found on the Platform;
  • using the Platform or services if the user is a minor, incapable or subject to another form of protection;
  • publishing false, inaccurate and/or misleading data;
  • spreading viruses or any other technology aimed at damaging the Platform;
  • using robots, spiders, scrapers or other automatic tools to access and/or “hack” the Platform and/or services for any reason;
  • violating any restrictions relating to the exclusion of the use of robots, interfering with the functionality of the Platform or carrying out an unreasonable and disproportionate overload of the IT infrastructures;
  • copying, modifying or disseminating the rights or contents of the site or services or the intellectual property rights and registered trademarks on the Platform;
  • copying, reproducing, reverse engineering, modifying, creating derivatives, distributing and/or publicly disseminating any content on the Platform;
  • manually, automatically, electronically and/or in any other way collecting the information available on the Platform, including content of a graphic nature;
  • making copies, duplicating, printing or disseminating the information on the Platform.

Users declare to be of age and to operate on the Platform in their own name or in the capacity of legal representative of the company and/or by delegation thereof;

Art. 3) Disclaimer

The Data Controller is not liable for damages deriving from loss of data and/or information resulting from browsing, as well as any prejudices related to the content of hypertext links to websites of third party suppliers or commercial partners;

Art. 4) Abuses, restrictions and limitations of the account

Pursuant to Art. 1456 of the Italian Civil Code, access to the Platform will be prevented without prior notice in the event of any breach, violation of rights, including Terms and Conditions, with simultaneous limitation, suspension and/or interruption of services;

Art. 5) Information, Rates, Terms and Conditions

The information, rates, Terms and Conditions for the use of the services can be viewed on the pages dedicated to them and can be modified at any time. Continued use of the Platform implies the tacit acceptance of any changes made.

The Terms and Conditions may be modified unilaterally and exceptionally to deal with an unforeseen and imminent danger related to the protection of the Platform against fraud, malware, spam, data breaches or IT security risks.

The changes are effective from the date of publication on the Platform;

Art. 6) Referral Program

“Referral” program is a promotional program “Member Get Member” type, offered as a promotion by Xolo Italia S.r.l., based on “word of mouth”.

The program provides for the direct involvement of current customers of Xolo Italia S.r.l., who, by sending a specific "link", invite their contacts (friends, acquaintances, colleagues, family members, etc.) to use the services offered by Xolo Italia S.r.l.

By adhering to the Referral program and with the contextual signing of the “accounting data processing contract” (hereinafter, Contract), having read the Privacy Information available on the Platform, the adhering subjects will receive a benefit: the first month for free.

The adhering subjects accept the terms of the promotion. The promotion won’t have effect in case of failure to sign the Contract.

The completion of the Contract and the contextual activation of the promotion will be communicated by e-mail to the adhering subjects and their presenters; the presenters will receive an "Amazon" voucher €50.00 as a "reward".

Xolo Italia S.r.l. expressly reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the promotion at any time, even without notice or forewarning;

Art. 7) Browsing and guarantees

The Client is guaranteed secure access to the Platform; any operational limitations and/or delays and/or malfunctions of it that cannot be directly attributed to the Platform cannot be the subject of any claim and/or dispute, including loss of data, profits, earnings, activities, opportunities (chance), goodwill and/or other critical issues that are not reasonably foreseeable and derive, directly or indirectly, from:

  • use or inability to use the Platform by the Customer;
  • delay or interruption of the Service;
  • viruses or other malicious software;
  • glitches, bugs, errors, or incorrectness of any data entered and/or sent;
  • any damage to hardware tools resulting from the use of the Platform;

Art. 8) Privacy Notice

The information entered on the Platform, including personal data and data sent to third parties as part of the provision of the selected Services, will be processed in compliance with current legislation, with particular regard to EU Regulation 2016/679, as amended and supplemented, in accordance with the methods defined in the Privacy Policy.

The data on the Platform will be automatically deleted upon termination of the service;

Art. 9) Postpone

For any other information in order to the Service, protections, obligations, etc. please refer to the Contract, as well as to the additional documentation attached to the Platform;

Art. 10) Contacts

Owner of the Platform:

Xolo OÜ, headquartered on Paju 1a, 50603 - Tartu, Estonia, Reg. No. 12844111
VAT ID: EE101793070, info@xolo.io

Manager of the contractual relationship:

Xolo Italia S.r.l., a single shareholder company with registered office in 20144 - Milan (MI), at Via Tortona no. 33, VAT number and Tax ID: 12134920961, customerservice@xolo.io, PEC (certified email): xoloitaliasrl@pec.it.