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New work is all about flipping the script, where people work to live their best lives, not the other way around. At Xolo, we are embracing the new work revolution where freedom and autonomy come with flexible options like remote or part-time gigs, a collaborative and inclusive team spirit, continuous learning through mentoring and coaching, and job opportunities that really matter. It's the way work should be!

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Say goodbye to boring paperwork, let our accounting
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  • Invoice generator
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  • Tax declaration
  • Freelance business support
  • And much more
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Go solo, but never be alone

Whether you seek collaboration, mentorship, or simply want to expand your professional network, Xolo’s social network is the place to be

  • Community of 130k freelancers
  • In-app messaging
  • Free webinars and events

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  • Intuitive public profile builder
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  • Agents do the heavy lifting finding you clients
  • No disappearing clients
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