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Receiving the payment

Última actualización: October 28, 2023

The process of receiving the payment is as follows:

Customer receives your invoice via e-mail

  • Having received the invoice via email your customer will then pay the invoice by bank transfer or by card to the Xolo Go business bank account

Customer pays the invoice

  • Xolo Go accepts bank transfers and card payments to the Xolo Go business bank account. The bank account details necessary for your customer to make the payment are automatically included on the invoice that you have created and sent to them

You receive the payment

  • Once your customer has paid for your invoice and the payment has arrived on our platform, we will pay out the net amount directly to your personal bank account.
  • The invoice will be also marked as "Paid"
  • Note that the taxation obligations arising from receiving the partnership profit are dependent on the regulations in the country that you are a tax resident of.

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