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How to calculate the Xolo Go support fee for expenses with Estonian VAT?

Ultimo aggiornamento: November 08, 2022

If you make purchases from an Estonian vendor and you have submitted your Xolo Go billing details (legal entity name, address and VAT number) to the vendor, then the purchase price will include 20% of Estonian VAT which is refundable. Therefore, the related Xolo Go support fee is calculated based on the expense net price.

For example, the expense document from an Estonian vendor states price €94,1 + 20% VAT = €112,92. Related Xolo Go support fee €5,9 is calculated based on the net price of €94,1. Please also note that €5,9 is 6.27% of the €94,1 net price which equals 5,9% of the €100 gross price. In addition, the VAT (€18.82) will be refunded to your Xolo Go account after the expense has been reimbursed to you.

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