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What is Xolo's legal role in my Xolo Leap company?

Ultimo aggiornamento: January 18, 2024

Xolo holds the position of a 'local contact person' in your Xolo Leap company, which is required by Estonian law in case a company's board members operate outside Estonia. Xolo is not an official board member of your company, nor is any individual member of staff within Xolo.

This means that Xolo cannot represent your company, and cannot make decisions or take commitments on behalf of your company. Instead, Xolo only acts as a 'messenger' who delivers messages to you if any (Estonian) public authority wishes to reach you.

From a legal perspective, having Xolo as a contact person makes sure you have an actual presence in Estonia.

If you have a bank account with LHV, you've granted us a specific access to it, and an access to the Estonian Tax authorities so that we can report taxes, but these rights are specific to the e-services and do not give us any legal right to extend to other services/matters.

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