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How can I check the validity of my identity document?

Ultimo aggiornamento: November 17, 2020

To check the validity of your digital identity document, please go to the validation website of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, and enter the number of your e-Residency digital ID-card.

In case your ID-card was issued within the previous 24h, it might not be fully functional yet. It normally takes 1 business day to activate the certificates, but in some cases it can take up to 5 days.

You can also search for a program called "ID-card Utility" from your computer and open it. You’ll see information about:

  • If your smart card reader can read your ID-card and the card itself is valid

  • Validity of the authentication certificates

  • Validity of the signature certificates

The ID-card utility can also be used for changing your PIN1 and PIN2 codes, updating all certificates if requested and installing updates to the program itself.

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