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When does my business need a VAT number?

Ultimo aggiornamento: February 14, 2024

You can start selling your service(s) without a VAT number, but it's obligatory to register your company as a VAT payer if:

  • Your turnover reaches €40 000, from the beginning of a calendar year (an exception applies when selling EXCLUSIVELY outside the EU) OR
  • You start providing 'digital' services (software, digital content, etc) to individuals or companies in the European Union without a valid VAT number based on VIES database (meaning that your company has to be registered for the OSS Scheme) OR
  • You buy services (e.g. Google, Meta, DigitalOcean, NameCheap, Zoom, etc) outside of Estonia OR
  • You buy goods annually over €10 000 from the EU.

If the conditions mentioned above are not met, applying for VAT-payer status is voluntary.

Xolo will take care of VAT registration and compliance as part of its offered plans, just contact us at

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