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Onboard, manage and pay
freelancers with Xolo Teams

With Xolo’s Freelancer Management system there are no expensive surprises, in exchange for our services, we charge a flat-rate fee of 3-5% on payouts. Moreover we'll let you decide whether the company or the freelancer is responsible for the fee.

Up to
billed monthly
5% fee
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billed monthly
4% fee
More than
billed monthly
3% fee
Monthly billing volume above €100k? Talk to an expert for a personalized quote.

Transform cross-border collaboration from heartbreak to piece-of-cake

  • Onboard freelancers from 186 countries in 5 minutes
  • Add unlimited contractors and users
  • Pay individually or from a single bulk invoice
  • AI-powered freelancer identity verification through Veriff
  • Contract template library: NDA, non-compete, IPs, DPAs
  • Birds-eye view of all projects from your Teams dashboard
  • Split Xolo’s fee between you and your freelancers
  • Exclusive access to Xolo’s marketplace of contractors
    - coming soon!


Here´s a few of the more popular questions we get at this stage of the game:

If you decide to sign up with Xolo Teams, you’ll have to upload your business details like company name, address and VAT number. Once you've finished, accept our service agreement, create your first project and invite your project contributors. You're ready to get to work!

Once you onboard your contractors with Xolo Go, they'll be able to use Xolo´s legal framework for compliant invoicing. Your company won´t be liable for VAT payments due to the reverse-charge principle.

Xolo digs around for any red flags on the AML and KYC side. This way we can ensure your freelancers are who they say they are and your company doesn't end up in any unsavory situations (fake employment, compliance risk, etc.).

You're gonna love this answer — less than 15 minutes!

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Make working with international freelancers the easiest part of your day!