Can I invest in, or trade in, cryptocurrencies?

Last updated: April 05, 2018

According to Estonian law, you're allowed to invest the spare funds of your company (earned from the core business, not received as a loan or similar!) into cryptocurrencies. Here, cryptocurrencies are treated as any official currency (i.e. it's not a product).

From an accounting taxation perspective, the gains/losses from such investment activities are treated and reported in the same way as gains/losses earned from your core business activities.

The process is as follows:

  • You find a suitable marketplace to invest in cryptocurrencies. Annually send us a summary of all transactions for our accounting processes.

  • You transfer X euros to the marketplace and start trading.

  • We don't record each trading transaction which occurs on the marketplace. We also don't record the current value of the cryptocurrencies in the company's accounting. Instead, we record the initial sum (in euros) which was transferred from company's bank account to the marketplace, and the sum (in euros) which is transferred from the marketplace back to the company's bank account, and we calculate the total gain/loss (the difference between the returned sum vs initial sum) and record it in the accounting.

In summary, you can invest your company's profit in cryptocurrencies. But as a prerequisite, please inform us about the investment transaction, and send us annual summaries of the transactions as well.

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