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How can I sign the annual report?

Última actualización: March 16, 2024

To review and digitally sign the annual report, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the e-Business Register portal with your digital ID card, Mobile-ID, or Smart-ID.
  2. From the lower menu bar select 'Dashboard' and then 'My undertakings'.
  3. Click on your company's name and under the 'Beneficial owners' section check that your company has the information appointed or correct the data if needed.
  4. Next, from the main menu above please choose 'Submission of a report'.
  5. Find your company from the list 'Incomplete reports' (the status of the report should be 'Verified') and click 'view'.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'Next' to proceed with signing the report.
  7. Fill 'The date of the completion of the preparation of the annual report is' field with the signing date and click 'Save'.
  8. Click 'Add a digital signature to the report'. Please note that you don't have to insert anything in the 'resolution' box.
  9. Select 'Please sign the report' and finally, click 'Sign the document'. You'll need now a PIN2 code to sign.

And that’s it! We will complete the final steps and report submission. We will inform you once the report has been submitted.

If you experience any issues with the software or electronic use of your ID card, please check out our Xolo FAQ articles here. If you're still unable to resolve the issue, please check the www.id.ee site, which is the main channel of information and support for the ID card. You can directly contact the ID Help Centre through the form here or contact their customer support.

If you are unable to digitally sign your annual report please contact us at support@xolo.io.

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