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How can I get the Smart-ID app and an account?

Última actualización: August 29, 2023

Using Smart-ID for personal identification is free, unlimited and you can download the app on all of your Android and iOS smart devices. You'll need your ID-card and a computer with your smart card reader ready to finalise the setup with your e-resident ID-card.

To get the app and the account you need to go through 3 simple steps:

  • Download the app for free from Google Play or App Store.

  • Register an account using your e-resident digital ID

  • Start using the app across multiple devices

The app is officially named Smart-ID (from SK ID Solutions AS) and to register an account, you can also follow the instructions from their website.

Some tips when going through the download and account set up process:

  • Choose Estonia when asked for country of residence during the setup

  • Choose ID-card as the method of authentication

  • When creating custom PIN codes go for a code that's easy to memorise

  • Ideally memorise the codes (you can write them down, but we strongly encourage you to keep them stored securely)

  • Go to reg.smart-id.com in your internet browser and authenticate yourself (use the same browser you've used previously with your ID-card, as it has all the software installed already)

  • Click 'Register' and insert your PIN1 code. You'll be asked for the registration code (displayed on your mobile device) and some additional data.

  • Sign the application by selecting the certificate and using your PIN2 code

  • Confirm your Smart-ID PIN codes

  • And you're ready to use it!

The Smart-ID app is easy to use, even if it's your first app experience or the first time you’ve used electronic authentication.

  • It's useful to allow push notifications from the Smart-ID app as you'll be receiving a push notification with a confirmation code when signing in with Smart-ID.

  • Go to Xolo Leap or LHV to try logging in with Smart-ID

  • You can watch an introduction to Smart-ID on YouTube

  • Check out their website or FAQ for more information.

  • Discovered a bug or got stuck in the process? Give a shout to support@smart-id.com

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