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How can I sign documents digitally (Mac/Windows)?

Última actualización: August 29, 2023

Sometimes you'll be asked to sign a document digitally. Some documents in Xolo can be signed within your dashboard, but some you'll need to sign offline.

To sign a document digitally, make sure you:

  • Have your e-Residency ID card connected to your computer

  • Have installed the necessary software - if not, you can do it here: https://installer.id.ee/?lang=eng.

  • Right-click on the document you wish to sign and choose 'Sign with DigiDoc4 client'

  • Choose the name for the document, make sure the bottom box says 'Documents (*.bdoc)' and click 'Save'

  • Make sure your signature shows as 'Valid' and click on 'Use ID-card'

  • No need to fill out the additional boxes

  • Press 'Sign'

  • Sign with PIN 2

You can also watch the YouTube tutorial on how to digitally sign a document.

We cannot accept manually signed documents which have been printed out, signed and scanned back in.

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