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What is Stripe and how does it work?

Última actualización: September 09, 2023

Stripe is the second-most used payment processor by market share in the world today. Using their robust online platform, you will be able to bill and charge your customers with ease. Stripe offers a transparent pricing scheme, support for recurring payments, in-depth documentation, easy-to-use online interface and a developer-friendly API.

Stripe only became publicly available in Estonia very recently, first offering beta accounts in March 2019 and launching publicly in August 2019. Currently, you can apply for an account with them without an invitation and in our Leap Pro and Growth plans Xolo will fully support your use of Stripe to collect payments from your customers.

We have direct API integration with Stripe and once you have granted us access, your transaction data will be displayed in your Xolo Leap self-service and our accounting team will also have access to it, which eliminates the need to manually upload monthly reports.

Currently however, Stripe allows opening of an account only if the owner of the e-resident company resides in one of the countries where Stripe is available. The full list of countries can be found here: https://stripe.com/global.

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