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Core rules about business trips (operating outside Estonia)

Última actualización: February 28, 2024

If you operate outside Estonia on a permanent basis, the following rules apply to you regarding business trips.

  1. A business trip is considered short-term, with a specific business-related purpose and with actual business-related activities being carried out. A business trip typically involves meeting customers, project partners, attending conferences etc.

  2. The business trips are taken from a home base and end upon return to the home base.

  3. There are no geographical limitations to the destinations of your business trips.

  4. There are no limits to the total time spent traveling abroad for business, provided it has a clear period of duration and you don’t stay in one place for more than six months.

  5. Registering holidays as business trips is not allowed.

  6. Registering trips made between your home and place of work is not allowed.

  7. When adding a new business trip or editing an existing one, the business trip start date cannot be earlier than the date when the company was founded.

  8. You can cover reasonable costs related to your business trips, incl. transportation, accommodation, travel insurance, visa etc. All documents (e.g. invoices) related to these costs have to be presented.

  9. There is no daily allowance available.

  10. There is no legal practice to consider your entire life during a year as a list of multiple business trips. Why? See point 1.

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