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Does Xolo have an app?

Última actualización: January 18, 2024

We do indeed - and it's available on both the Apple App store and Google Play.

Right now, it's only for Xolo Leap paying customers, so you can't sign up via the app, and you can't use it if you have Xolo Go (well, not yet anyway).

Here’s what you’ll get with the Xolo app today:

  • A focus on expense documents - you can see your list of expenses, capture and add expense documents to transactions

  • You can add comments to all your uploaded documents and mark them as out-of-pocket (if necessary)

  • You’ll see in-app notifications for missing documents, overdue invoices, and anything else that needs your attention

  • You can browse your income list, documents being reviewed by Xolo and see your bank accounts with balances

  • And all lists can be filtered or you can search for a specific invoice

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