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What is my relationship with Xolo Go?

Ultimo aggiornamento: September 02, 2023

Xolo Go provides you with a legal framework and an online platform that allows you to provide services to your customers. Xolo Go offers you invoicing tools, a business bank account and support. We also take care of the accounting and compliance in the background.

Legally, Xolo Go is a partnership between you and Xolo Go OÜ - an Estonian limited liability entity (Xolo Go OÜ). On behalf of the partnership, Xolo Go OÜ will sign the agreements with your customers and issue invoices. The name of you, the partner, will be displayed on the invoice alongside of the name of Xolo Go.

For the avoidance of doubt, partnership ("seltsing" in Estonian) in the context of Xolo Go is regulated by Estonian Law of Obligations and does not constitute a general or limited partnership ("täisühing" or "usaldusühing" in Estonian) in the context of the Estonian Commercial Code.

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