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How do Xolo Go agreements work?

Ultimo aggiornamento: October 12, 2023

Two agreements are used in Xolo Go

(1) Xolo Go Partnership Agreement which regulates the relationship between Xolo Go and you and which you need to approve

2) Xolo Go General Terms of the Service Contract which is the agreement regulating the provision of professional services to the end-customer

Both agreements are available for customers for review and need your approval before invoicing and receiving payments from your end-customers

The text of both agreements is presented for review on the self-service Dashboard after you have completed filling in your personal details. The signed agreements will be available in Xolo Go self-service (Manage your account - My business - Documents).

For entering into an agreement with the end-customer, the Service Contract is sent to the end-customer via e-mail for review. The end-customer needs to approve the Service Contract when approving invoices or projects and before the agreement becomes binding.

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