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Do I need to have a local director?

Ultimo aggiornamento: April 16, 2024

No, there’s no requirement to have a local European director for a company you register in Estonia. You can be both the single owner, and the single management board member, for that legal entity - with full control of the company. Xolo does not provide local director or nominee services.

However, if you live and run your Estonian company outside of Estonia, your company is required to appoint a local contact person (an individual or a qualified legal entity present in Estonia).

The contact person operates as a messenger and has to be available onsite if local authorities or business partners have a need to contact your company and cannot reach you in person. The contact person would receive any official messages (documents) and forward them to you. Xolo fulfils this function by default.

Please note though, the contact person cannot make decisions nor take any commitments on behalf of your company. You are still in charge.

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