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Get the right Xolo for you and your business.


A virtual company with pay-as-you-go pricing.


Your EU company with a fixed monthly fee.

Who is it for? Independent professionals from anywhere in the world who:
  • Want to get started quickly
  • Don't need their own company
  • Want to get paid quickly and easily
Independent professionals from anywhere in the world who:
  • Want to own a company
  • Want to build their brand
  • Need long-term security
Who owns the company? Xolo does You do
Type of business supported? Professional services Professional & digital services
Type of customers you can work with Businesses (B2B) Businesses & Private clients (B2B & B2C)
Yearly business volume limit Unlimited Unlimited
Reinvest your business income in your company No Yes
Online registration Yes Yes
Online access via browser & mobile Yes Yes
Online support Yes Yes
Mobile app Coming soon Yes
Setup time 10 minutes 2-3 days if you're an e-resident
4-5 weeks if you need e-Residency
Pausing/Hibernating your account/company Available anytime at no cost Available on a case-by-case basis after you've reached €1000 company revenue - decreases your monthly fee to €29
Closing your account/company Available anytime at no cost Available anytime
Costs €200 and takes 8-10 months
Basic fee 5% of all outgoing payments €79 per month
Setup fee Free €315 for e-Residency & Business setup and registration
Integrated banking & accounting Yes Yes
Dedicated IBAN Yes Coming soon
Company MasterCard No Coming soon
Additional accounts supported No Yes (LHV & TransferWise)
Multi-currency support No Yes
Secure online banking Yes Yes
Guarantee on deposits (up to €100 000) No Yes
Issue a quote to your customers Yes Coming soon
Send branded invoices Yes (with your name) Yes (with your company name & logo)
Get notified about unpaid invoices Yes Yes
Collect and declare VAT Yes Yes
Get paid via Stripe No Yes
Get paid via PayPal No Yes
Get paid via Paddle No Yes
Collect and file VAT (with VAT MOSS supported) No Yes
Sell apps via Google Play & Apple App Store No Yes
Sell digital services via Amazon No Yes
Sell freelancing services via Upwork No Yes
Sell software and apps via Paddle No Yes
Business bank card to pay for expenses Coming soon Yes
Business travel expense reporting Yes Yes
Easily upload expense documents Yes Yes
Automated processing and expense handling Yes Yes
Manage subcontractors & freelancers No Yes
Pay yourself a salary No Yes
Pay yourself dividends No Yes
Online company registration Unnecessary Yes
Business dashboard Yes Yes
Urgent notifications Yes Yes
Extensive knowledgebase Yes Yes
Top tier support Yes Yes
Corporate taxes filed in Estonia Unnecessary Yes
VAT filed in Estonia Unnecessary Yes
Annual reports prepared and submitted in Estonia Unnecessary Yes
Guaranteed compliance with Estonian & EU regulations Yes Yes
Regular reporting to meet regulations Yes Yes
Share capital processing (€2 500) Unnecessary Yes
Contact person for company Unnecessary Yes
Company address and PO Box Unnecessary Yes
Digitisation of postal documents Unnecessary Yes
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