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What additional services can be executed by Xolo?

Last updated: December 01, 2023

From time to time our Xolo Leap users require additional services to help them run their businesses more effectively. We at Xolo are more than happy to assist with these services for a reasonable fee. This price list is effective as of 1st of January 2022. You can learn more about our add-on services from your Xolo Self-Service Dashboard.

Prices applicable to Basic and Pro customers (included for Growth customers)

  • Registry card with general and personal data €19
  • Ultimate beneficial owners list €19
  • Registry card with full history €19
  • Certificate of residence and tax liability €29
  • Certificate of registration as person liable to value added tax €29
  • Certificate of absence of tax arrears €29
  • EORI number registration (for customs operations only) €29
  • Certificate for income tax paid on distributed dividends €49
  • Certificate of payments, withholdings and taxes made to a non-resident €49
  • Double-taxation related documents (limitations apply) €49
  • Tax arrears installment application submission €49
  • Company name change €49 + state fee (€25)
  • Adding an additional board member €49 + state fee (€25)
  • Share capital registration €49 + state fee (€25)
  • Share capital changes €49 + state fee (€25)
  • Adding notary certificate €19
  • Adding an apostille €49
  • Formation of a voluntary equity reserve €99
  • Sworn translation for Articles of Association €149

Prices applicable to Basic, Pro, and Growth customers
Assistance in the audit of the company's annual reports €60/hour

A postal fee will be added if original documents are required

VAT will be added to all prices quoted above.

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