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About Xolo

Founded in 2015, Xolo is an online platform that revolutionizes how micro-businesses are set up and managed. Xolo takes care of common administration tasks like setting up bank accounts, invoicing, and taxation, freeing up freelancers and contractors to spend more time on productive, chargeable activities. Today Xolo is a market leader serving more than 75,000 single-person, nomadic businesses in over 130 countries worldwide.

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Mikko Teerenhovi

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With a true knack for technology, design and novel business models, Mikko is a technology entrepreneur with decades of experience building disruptive companies.

Previously he was Co-founder and VP of Product in Holvi, one of the largest fintechs in Europe serving small businesses. Before Co-founding Holvi, Mikko worked as a designer, consultant and entrepreneur. He also has experience in freelancing, which brings a first-hand understanding of Xolo's customer base.

Mikko is a design and product specialist who advocates user-centred methods and customer research in building world-class experiences. He has a master's degree in Architecture from Aalto University in Finland.


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