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Intelligent technology to get you up and running as a freelancer in Spain. An army of accountants to make sure it’s done right.

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The easiest way to
become a registered
freelancer (for only

If you reside in Spain for more than 6 months of the year while working as a freelancer, you'll need to register with Hacienda as an “autónomo.” And once you're registered, you'll be responsible for paying your share of taxes and social security payments. But don't freak out, because Xolo has got you covered! We'll get you registered with Hacienda and Social Security — at no extra charge — while you relax on the playa.

And there's more great news! As a first-time autónomo, Social Security will only charge you €60/month during your first year.

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Set your admin on autopilot

Now that you are officially an “autónomo,” you’ll have a team of specialised local accountants and compliance experts handling every aspect of your freelance business — from accounting and bookkeeping to compliance and expense management. We even take care of tax reporting so you'll never miss a tax declaration timeline or worse, receive a surprise letter from Hacienda with ad-hoc requests! (And if you do, we’ll have your back!)

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A team of English-speaking accountants and compliance experts

We’ve built a beautiful machine to securely streamline all your business admin. But when you’re in need of some personalised attention, guidance from our team of accountants and compliance experts is only an email or chat message away. They're locally placed, so they live and breathe the Spanish taxation framework and the intricacies of accounting for autónomos. But they're also globally minded, well-travelled — and speak perfect English!

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A streamlined platform

Use our intelligent platform to save time on admin tasks and focus on what you do best. Our intuitive invoicing tool will enable you effortlessly create, send, and track invoices with the VAT and income withholding automatically calculated. Connect your bank account using our secure open banking technology so you don’t need to worry about manually uploading expenses ever again!

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Work from anywhere

We know you came to Spain because you love the freedom and flexibility of being a freelancer (and also because of the sunshine!). We also know you don’t want to deal with the notoriously difficult Spanish bureaucracy and paperwork. Working remotely requires digital platforms that keep up with your on-the-go freelancing lifestyle. Xolo comes with an intuitive, real-time dashboard so you can remain on top of your business from the summit of el Teide to the playas of Costa del Sol.

Banking integrations with
trusted partners

We’ve teamed up with the most respected players in the digital banking space to bring you the integrations you need to run your freelance activity more efficiently.

For just 29€ a month you get...

  • Free registration as “autónomo”
  • Invoicing tool
  • Expense management
  • Tax reporting
  • Integration with your bank account
  • Support from an English-speaking team of accountants
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Secure mobile app


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I love having a dashboard for virtually every administrative aspect of my company: expenses, revenue, contracts, clilents, invoices, bank accounts - it’s all there.
Maya - Freelance writer and journalist
British expat living in Spain
The Xolo Go system makes everything much more professional and streamlined. Moreover, by using Xolo Go I can be much more flexible compared to having to work within the Spanish straitjacket structure.
Henk Vrb - Freelance translator
German Expat living in Spain

What’s the plan?

Get to work
Log into your secure business dashboard from anywhere so you can see for yourself how much easier it is to operate as a freelancer in Spain when you have Xolo working for you!


Got questions? We’ve got answers!
Here’s a few to get you started:

Xolo is a fully-integrated digital solution which brings together all the features needed to set up and run your freelance business in Spain.

Xolo provides you with:

  • Online registration with local authorities in Spain
  • An easy invoicing tool to issue and send professional sales invoices to business (B2B) and private (B2C) customers in Spain and abroad
  • An expense management feature for filing business expenses
  • Business accounting and tax reporting through a team of specialised local professionals

Our product works best if you are selling professional services in Spain and globally.

If you are a resident of Spain and want to set up and run a freelance business, then Xolo is a perfect fit for you!

More specifically, Xolo is a great solution if you...

  • Are a tax resident of Spain (either a local or an expat)
  • You want to operate as a freelance and register as autónomo or you're already registered as autónomo with Hacienda
  • You want to sell professional services (IAE Professionals)
  • Your clients are located in Spain or outside (no geographical limitations)
  • You're not planning on hiring any employees or subcontractors (other autónomos) in Spain
  • You have a personal bank account in a Spanish bank which can be used for business purposes

If all of the above criteria are not met, don't worry — you're still eligible to use our Xolo Global solution.

Nope, not just yet!

For now, we only offer service to customers who plan to , we offer our services to operate a freelance business and provide professional services e.g. software developers, IT experts, business consultants, marketing & sales gurus, designers, translators, etc.

We don’t (yet) support businesses involved in the buying and selling of physical goods, including drop shipping and Amazon FBAs. We also can’t support business activities which require an activity license in Spain. Xolo is also unable to provide support for businesses dealing with cryptocurrencies.

If you operate your freelance business by using Xolo platform, we make sure you get the taxes right and we collect the input for your tax reporting obligations in Spain seamlessly in the background. In other words, you do not have to be an expert in taxes nor have to compile the tax reports yourself. It’s our task and responsibility.

For instance, if you use Xolo invoicing tools to issue your sales invoices, our system applies and calculates the correct VAT and IRPF taxes automatically based on your input about the customer and the terms of the deal. Similarly, if you buy something business-related and submit the purchase invoice via Xolo email or self-service, we process the invoice and detect automatically whether the vendor has included the correct taxes on the invoice, and record them accordingly in your books.

When the tax reporting period (quarter/year) is over, we take into account all your recorded business transactions (both revenues and expenses) and past tax reports, and determine which tax reports are applicable for you this time. We compile the required tax reports ourselves and submit them on your behalf when the time is due.

Your task is to provide the sufficient input (sales invoices, expense docs, further explanations) for us in a timely manner, and make sure your bank account has sufficient funds to cover the tax payments in applicable.

In Xolo self service, you’ll be able to create invoices, upload expense documents, and review the status of your business activities and reported taxes. These features are not just important for helping you to run your business more effectively, but it's also necessary for us, your Xolo team, to assist you through every step of the process.

The information you upload (or alternatively, choose not to upload) is directly tied to the tax reporting of your business. For example, if you don’t upload all your business-related expense documents, we won’t be able to file your taxes for you.

For this reason, it’s crucial that you submit all your financial data to us — via your Xolo self-service — in a timely manner. Xolo has promised to take care of your taxes and compliance, but we can only do this if you do your part, too — by uploading your expense documents regularly and creating invoices exclusively through our platform!

Not seeing what you're looking for? You can find our full FAQ directory here. Got something more specific in mind? Drop us a line at or just message us directly in the chat window on the bottom right side of your screen.

Are you a
freelancer but not a
resident in Spain?

Looking for an easy commitment-free solution to invoicing across borders without registering a company? When you use Xolo Go, you can send your first invoice in just 10 minutes and continue to enjoy all the variants of ‘tortilla’.