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Are company's shareholder(s) names public in Estonia?

Última actualización: December 06, 2023

Yes, your company's main information is public in the Estonian Business Registry. This information is:

  • shareholders' names

  • shareholders' date of birth

  • contact email address

  • phone number

  • financial revenue

  • number of employees

  • amount of paid taxes

The requirement originates from the Estonian Commercial Code which states: "Entries in the commercial register are public. Everyone has the right to examine the registry cards and the business files, and to obtain copies of registry cards and of documents in the business files."

Estonia is very liberal, in the sense of keeping the economic environment transparent and visible, and in promoting open competition. It is important to keep in mind that only a brief financial overview is public, meaning that everyone will be able to see your company's yearly and quarterly revenues, but they will not be able to see or access any specific transactions, client information, or any other specific details about the financials of your company. This also applies to your employees - it is possible to only see the number of employees, not their names or other data.

Starting from September 2018, all company owners need to specify in the business registry who is the 'ultimate beneficial owner' (UBO) of the company. If you're a client of Xolo Leap and have a single shareholder company, you are the ultimate beneficial owner. The purpose of the regulation is to increase the transparency of business operations and avoid potential money laundering.

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