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What is an e-Notary and how can I use their services?

Última actualización: May 17, 2024

The e-Notary self-service platform will allow notarial acts to be carried out without needing to physically visit a notary. E-residents can use the portal to make virtual appointments with notaries.

The e-Notary supports all notarial transactions (except marriage), for example, the portal allows users to:

  • Choose a notary and make a virtual appointment

  • Initiate transactions that require a notarial act and enter transaction details

  • Examine contracts issued by the notary before the transaction

  • View all your notarial transactions and invoices

To use the e-Notary services, you will be able to log in here by clicking "ENTER SELF-SERVICE" and using your e-resident's digital ID, smart ID, or mobile ID.

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