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Which expenses can I deduct?

Ultimo aggiornamento: January 19, 2023

As a Xolo customer and registered autónomo, you can make any type of purchases for expenses that you like using your own personal funds. But if you want to reduce your VAT obligation (and even get a refund) or your income tax (IRPF) that will eventually be paid to Hacienda, only the following categories of expenses will be accepted, provided that:

  • It is directly and exclusively related to your professional activity as an autónomo

  • It is fully documented with corresponding invoice/receipt/proof documents. In other words, the invoice must contain all the mandatory formal data, including NIF, name, date, content of purchase, and breakdown of VAT and tax base

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Here you have a quick summary. The categories of accepted tax-deductible expenses:

  • Marketing costs

  • Fees of subcontractors (located outside of Spain)

  • Software

  • Hardware (e.g. computer) & tangible assets (e.g. office chair, monitor, etc.)

  • Bank and transaction fees

  • Office costs (e.g. coworking space) & supplies

  • Participation in business-related events

  • Education, business-related professional training, literature

  • Business trips: accommodation & transportation

  • Business trips: food & drink (limitations apply)

  • Business lunches & gifts (limitations apply)

  • Social security contributions

To clarify, expenses related to your home office and communication (mobile bills, etc.) and your personal car can not be accepted at this time.  

A final note on Xolo's limitations involving deductible expenses: we process and record deductible expenses which are strictly limited to your professional business activities and exclude any purchases related to your personal life (e.g. donations to political parties, childcare expenses, etc.).

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