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What do I have to do to deduct expenses?

Ultimo aggiornamento: December 08, 2022

If you purchase something which is business related and could be tax-deductible, please follow these steps:

  1. Ask for an invoice or receipt from the vendor that you purchased the product or service from bought the product/service from.

  2. In order to submit a digital copy of the invoice/receipt to Xolo, you can either:  

    1. Ask the vendor to send the invoice straight to your Xolo expense email (you can find your unique Xolo expense email address in your Xolo self-service dashboard)

    2. Forward the invoice to the email yourself

    3. Upload the invoice in the Xolo self-service portal

  3. Once the invoice has been processed by Xolo, you're all set. If we require further clarifying information, you'll be able to provide further information or documentation by responding to us directly via the Xolo self-service dashboard, email, or chat.

That's all we need from you — we'll take care of the rest! You'll be able to monitor the process and review all purchase invoices from your Xolo self-service dashboard. You can also review any expenses that we weren't able to qualify as valid deductible expenses. 

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