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I don't want my data (DOB, company income) to be publicly available, what can I do?

Última actualización: April 12, 2023

Sadly, there's not much we or you can do about it, as all the registries in Estonia are public by law. This is stated in the Estonian Commercial Code: "Entries in the commercial register are public. Everyone has the right to examine the registry cards and the business files, and to obtain copies of registry cards and of documents in the business files."

The information regarding a company's shareholders and financial reports are accessible to everyone and it cannot be changed or hidden. Only your private data (private income etc) is something that is protected by law and not shown in the registries.

Estonia is very liberal, in the sense of keeping the economic environment transparent and visible, and in promoting open competition. We are sincerely sorry if you're uncomfortable with that, but the regulations come from local laws which we cannot influence. As you're not the first customer to bring our attention to this issue, we'll admit that there are some people who are disturbed by this and clearly it should be communicated better.

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