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I am already registered as an autónomo in Spain, how does the handover to Xolo work?

Ultimo aggiornamento: September 01, 2022

Are you switching gestorías? Or have you (finally) decided to delegate your freelancer admin to the experts? We'll get along just fine 😉

If you are already registered as an autónomo with Hacienda and Social Security and, for whatever reason, you have decided to switch to Xolo, the handover process is super simple, convenient, fast and secure.

After signing up on our website with your name, surname and email, this is how the handover process works:

  1. Tell us on our platform that you are already an autónomo (this means that you are registered with Hacienda and Social Security as a self-employed worker in Spain)

  2. Upload your autónomo registration document (Modelo 036)

✅ Once you have uploaded it, our accountants will check if we are qualified to provide you with service

  1. After confirming that everything is in order, fill in a form with your personal data and verify your identity

  2. Sign the Service Agreement and pay the Xolo subscription fee

And that's it!

You will receive a confirmation email from Xolo welcoming you! 🤗

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