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Hire contractors in 186 countries. Leave the admin to us.

Collaborate with freelance talent across the globe in a way that's compliant, secure and blazing-fast. Onboard contractors in less than 10 minutes and pay them from a single bulk invoice.

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Borderless workforce

Rather than partnering with multiple individual freelancers, you'll interface exclusively with Xolo, which minimizes cross-border admin and risk

Bulk payments

No more chasing down invoices or creating chaos for your finance team. Pay all your contractors from a single invoice, in multiple currencies

Reduced admin

Legal documents, background checks, contracts, onboarding… what used to take hours can be completed in just a few clicks: no mess, no stress

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Onboard contractors from 186 countries

Accessing the best global talent doesn't have to be such a massive headache. When your contractors join Xolo, they're prompted to accept our Partnership Agreement, which allows them to use our LLC for compliant invoicing. Your company only interfaces with a single legal entity (Xolo) rather than multiple individuals.

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Project payments made painless

No more struggling to remember your freelancers' bank account numbers, or chasing down invoices, or stressing over which payment method to use. You pay Xolo and we'll distribute the money to your freelancers. Our platform automatically generates invoices for each freelancer based on project scope. And you'll have the option to pay them individually or from a single bulk invoice so everyone gets paid the right amount at the right time. You pay us, we distribute it to your contractors. Process simplified, risk minimized!

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A buffer for your borderless workforce

With Xolo Teams you can keep healthy boundaries between your contractors and your HR software. Instead of multiple relationships with individual freelancers, you'll have a single B2B relationship with Xolo, which makes the admin a lot less stressful.
We provide you with templates for NDA and IP contracts so you and your freelancers can get to work faster than ever.

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Never go over-budget again

Stop wasting time stressing about how much this latest project is gonna cost you. Xolo Team's intuitive dashboard gives you a crystal-clear overview of ongoing projects and who's getting paid for what. No more hidden surcharges or expensive surprises at the end of the project.

Still feeling skeptical?

You didn't get where you are today by believing everything that's written on a brand's product page. We know workforce governance is a costly, complicated issue. And you're right to be questioning why we're so confident that we can make it faster, easier and less risky to work with cross-border contractors. So if you're wondering if there's a method to our madness — here, we'll show you the whole recipe:



Ever since it launched back in 2019, Xolo Go has become a secret weapon for global freelancers who want a fast, compliant way to invoice their cross-border clients like a registered company — without actually registering a company.

We currently have +100k independent professionals using Go, and we're hard at work building a platform to help match companies like yours with the freelance talent you've been searching for.

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