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Hire freelancers in 186 countries, onboard them in minutes

With Xolo Teams you can build your freelance dream team and onboard them in less than 10 minutes. Leave the contract management, identity verification, security and admin to us and focus getting the real work done.

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Go borderless without the stress

Our unified freelancer management platform helps you to onboard freelancers from 186 countries in minutes. Breeze through signing contacts, agreeing on scope and getting everyone paid on time — individually or from a single bulk invoice. We've structured our platform so Xolo acts as a proxy between you and your contractors. That way we shoulder the compliance admin burden, not you.

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Easy onboarding for you and your contractors

You’ll send an invite to your freelancers and we onboard them in a process that takes less than 10 minutes. Your freelancers are prompted to sign a Partnership Agreement with Xolo LLC, which allows for simple contracting and easy payments. Our platform automatically generates invoices based on project scope and you can pay your contractors right from your Teams dashboard, either individually or from a single bulk invoice.

Check out the global onboarding guide
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Streamlined contract management

Service agreements, NDAs, IPs and other documentation is essential when collaborating with external parties. Xolo's pre-made templates allow you to breeze through contracting so the real work can begin.

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Security above everything

Since fraud does happen, we dig around for any red flags on the AML and KYC side. We'll make sure your contractors are who they say they are to ensure your company doesn't end up in any unsavory situations with expensive consequences.


Take a look under the hood

Wondering how we're so confident that we can make it faster, easier, and less risky for you to work with cross-border contractors? We know workforce governance is complex and full transparency is key. Download our e-book and we'll show you exactly how it's done.

Ready to onboard your freelance dream team without the administrative headache?