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Make international freelancer payments the easiest part of your day

Automatically generate invoices based on project scope, pay everyone all-at-once, and never go over-budget again!

Calm invoicing chaos

Teams automatically generates professional invoices for each contractor based on the original project scope

Set yourself free from VAT

Your company won't be liable for VAT payments due to a little something called the reverse-charge principle

No more over-budget surprises

Your Teams dashboard gives you a birds-eye view of all the essential details: who, when, what and how much

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Pay individually or all-at-once

What if instead of chasing down each invoice individually, you could pay all your contractors in a click from a single invoice? With Xolo Teams, you finally have this option. While you can always choose to pay invoices individually, the ability to pay everyone from a single bulk invoice is one of our user's all-time favorite features!

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Never go over-budget again

We're big fans of the WYSIWYG approach — what you see on our dashboard is exactly how the project is going (and costing). No expensive surprises or uncomfortable conversations about how your project went over-budget again. Once you experience the calm that comes with project-cost confidence, you'll never look back.

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Take the pain out of international payments

Working with an international talent pool means different currencies, and inconsistent access to payment options. With Teams, you can delegate the cross-border payments headache to us. You pay us, and we'll distribute the correct amount to each of your freelancers. They'll be able to withdraw their money within 24 hours.

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Take a look under the hood

Wondering how we're so confident that we can make it faster, easier, and less risky for you to work with cross-border contractors? We know workforce governance is complex and full transparency is key. Download our e-book and we'll show you exactly how it's done.

Ready to make paying your international team of freelancers the easiest part of your day?

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