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Xolo Go is already loved by freelancers around the world. Combine Xolo Go + Xolo Teams to create a bridge over cross-border oversight, admin and payment hurdles.




Clients invoiced via Xolo




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With Xolo Go,
your contractors get...

A slice of our company for legal invoicing

Automated VAT calculator

Instant invoice generator

Business bank account

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So you can...

  • Get to "yes" faster with project agreement templates
  • Review and accept VAT-compliant invoices automatically generated based on project scope
  • Send payments directly to your freelancers Xolo account
  • Minimize risk by using Xolo as an intermediary between you and your freelancers
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Get everybody onboarded in minutes

  • Legally invoice cross-border clients in 186 countries
  • Receive payments via SEPA bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard and American Express
  • Withdraw money from their Xolo business bank account to their personal bank account
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  • Manage and reimburse business expenses
  • Download withdrawal reports
  • Stay in-the-know on cashflow from their real-time business dashboard

Xolo Go is a perfect solution for...

Knowledge workers offering services as solopreneurs

Freelancers looking for a no-strings-attached way to invoice clients

Digital nomads looking for a remote-friendly invoicing solution

Entrepreneurs testing a new market or idea

Solos are saying ..

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Got questions? We've got answers! Here are a few of the more popular ones to get you started:

Absolutely! During the onboarding process, they'll be prompted to enter a Partnership Agreement with Xolo Go. Don't worry, it's nothing binding! All it does is give your freelancer the ability to legally invoice clients (you), collect payments, reimburse business expenses, and withdraw earnings to their personal bank account — which is made possible through a "slice" of our umbrella company. We like to think we've found the sweet spot between simplicity and legality!

Xolo Go supports freelancers and solopreneurs offering professional services. Software developers, IT experts, business consultants, marketing and sale gurus, designers, writers, and translators — to name just a few.

We can't yet support businesses who fall under any of the following categories:

  • Sale of digital goods/services (supported with Xolo Leap)
  • Buying and selling of physical goods (including drop-shipping and Amazon FBA)
  • Activities that require a license: financial services, travel agencies, gambling, etc.
  • Companies involved in the cryptocurrency space
  • Ventures currently raising funding through ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings)

Xolo's products aren't a good fit for two distinct types of people:

  • Anyone looking for ways to avoid paying taxes
  • Anyone who holds any lingering nostalgia for the bureaucratic status quo. Usually found happily spending hours in government offices waiting to have an obscure form stamped by an official who officially stopped caring 20 years ago

Not difficult at all! Onboarding takes less than 10 minutes. We ask you a few questions about your business to make sure Xolo is a good fit. Then we verify the freelancer's identity through our partners at Veriff — all that's needed is a valid photo ID and a working camera.
Learn more about the identity verification process

Xolo Go only handles the Value Added Tax (VAT). We automatically calculate the VAT owed based on the client's location and add it to each invoice. Unfortunately, we can't (yet) help you with your taxes as a freelancer. But when tax time does come around, every Go user has the option to download an earnings report directly from their Xolo Go dashboard — and send it to their accountant. It takes 30 seconds, and makes tax time a whole lot easier!

In exchange for our services, Xolo Go charges a flat fee of 3-5% on withdrawals. When using Xolo Go with Xolo Teams, you can choose who is responsible for the charge — the client or the freelancer. You can even decide to split the charge between you!