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Your completely remote business

Now with a built-in bank account. We take care of your business from company formation to invoicing and accounting.

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Ease of doing business
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The simplest way to do business on Earth. Ever.

Run your business anywhere and anytime with the help of our intuitive self-service dashboard. Xolo frees you from the costs and confusion of running a traditional business so you can go faster and further​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

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The old way
Setup time
In minutes
few weeks
Monthly admin time
max 1 hour
more than 10 hours
Customer satisfaction
4 stars
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What you get

Free yourself at work

Xolo helps you manage your independent business from anywhere, with access to secure banking, accounting, and one of the simplest tax systems in the world.

Rapid Registration

Starting your business with Xolo won't take much time and you won't need a stack of paperwork. Our streamlined sign-up and business registration make things as easy as possible.

Automated Accounting

Spend less time on your company finances. Annual reports are written for you and our in-house AI keeps your accounting in order. Our accounting team are so good you'll even think they're magic.

Ready Anywhere

You get all you need to run your business remotely - from day one. Our all-in-one service gives you all the tools to do business and get paid, without the usual effort required.

Integrated Banking

Xolo brings accounting and banking into one dashboard that you can access anywhere.

93% of customers recommend us

Image of John, a Xolo customer
John Ozbay, Cryptee, Tallinn

“Companies like Xolo, who help me start and run my company in Estonia, are so important to my life as an e-resident and entrepreneur — they really make life that little bit easier.”

Image of Asad, a Xolo customer
Asad Zulfahri, Digital Nomad

“The wealth of information, added to the fantastic all-in-one solution, made me feel comfortable signing up with Xolo.”

Vasileios Valandreas
Value for money & great customer service.
Victoria Rudi
Awesome responsiveness and customer support.
Ole-Henrik Arnesen
Less work for me. More time spent earning money.